GSAÉD 2013 General Elections Results


External Commissioner
Seamus WOLFE: Elected with 84 ‘yes’ against 51 ‘no’

Finance Commissioner
Carolyn GREVE: Elected with 113 ‘yes’ against 22 ‘no’

Internal Commissioner
Gabrielle BERUBE: Elected with 115 ‘yes’ against 22 ‘no’

Student Life Commissioner
Patricia DE LA TREMBLAYE: Elected with 115 ‘yes’ against 18 ‘no’

University Affairs Commissioner
Brenna QUIGLEY: Elected with 122 ‘yes’ against 14 ‘no’

Representatives to the University Senate

Representative to the University Senate for the Humanities
Nikesh TRECARTEN: Elected with 90 ‘yes’ against 5 ‘no’
Representative to the University Senate for the Sciences
Mohammad Zahirul ALAM: Elected with 35 ‘yes’ against 7 ‘no’

Representative to the University Board of Governors
Anaïs ELBOUJDAINI: Elected with 117 ‘yes’ against 21 ‘no’