During the general elections, the following referendum question was asked:
Do you agree that each student registered full time in a summer session contribute $192.70 with a maximum increase of 2.5%/year for a Summer U-Pass which will be valid from May 1st-August 31st beginning on May 1st 2016?

With 216 votes in favour and 80 votes against, the referendum passed, and graduate students join their undergraduate counterparts in benefiting from a universal pass for public transit in Ottawa and Gatineau.

General Elections

The first nomination period for GSAÉD elections ran from February 9 to February 23. The second nomination period ran from March 1 to March 8.

GSAÉD Executive

The general election results are as follows:

Equity Commissioner: Stéphanie Bacher, elected
External Commissioner: Lindsey Thomson, elected
Finance Commissioner: Matthew Lafreniere, elected
Internal Commissioner: William El Khoury, elected
Resources Commissioner: Warsama Ahmed, elected
Student Life Commissioner: Kawtar Jaanid, elected
University Affairs Commissioner: Victor Hatai, elected

Representatives to the Board of Directors

Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology: Briti Saha, elected
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: Marie-France Paré, elected
Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences: Ron Shah, elected
Education: Maud Mediell, elected
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Komal Tanti, elected
Electronic Business Technologies: Chandan Kalra, elected
Engineering Management: Muhammad Saqib, elected
English: Paulo Eduardo Castilho Ribeiro Santos, elected
Geography, Environment & Geomatics: Karen Neil, elected
History: Mathieu Laflamme, elected
International Development and Global Studies: Zoé Spry, elected
Mathematics & Statistics: Adele Bourgeois, elected
Mechanical Engineering: Farid Ebrahimi Sourchani, elected
Political Studies: Xavier P. Laberge, elected
Population Health: Patrick Saunders-Hastings, elected
Psychology: Audrey-Ann Deneault, elected
Sociology & Anthropology: Jorge Gonzalez, elected

Nominations for uncontested positions were re-opened at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, April 19. Elected by their peers were the following representatives:

Biology: Kevin Kwok
Feminist and Gender Studies: Giancarlo Cerquozzi
Law: Dmitry Fedosov
Physics: Frederic Bouchard
Public and International Affairs: Yerke Abildayeva
Medieval Studies: Samantha Lafleur
Music: Elsa Marshall
Translation and Interpretation: Elizabeth Saint

The GSAÉD Board of Directors, at its June 29, 2016 meeting, selected a Finance Commissioner (effective August 1, 2016) to replace Matthew Lafreniere, two representatives to the University of Ottawa Senate, and two departmental representatives; all with mandates ending May 1, 2017. Elected were the following:

Finance Commissioner: Antoine Przybylak-Brouillard
Humanities Representative to the University Senate: Adam Strombergsson-DeNora
Sciences Representative to the University Senate: Jack Yue Heng Xu
Canadian Studies: Golbon Moltaji
Epidemiology, Public Health, and Preventive Medicine: Jesse Elliott

The GSAÉD Board of Directors, at its July 26, 2016 meeting, selected two departmental representatives; each with mandates ending May 1, 2017. Elected were the following:

Economics: Peace Osikine
Information Studies: Katherine Laprade
Nursing: Gail Farrell

Positions requiring nominations:

One representative from each of the following departments to the GSAÉD Board of Directors
· Audiology
· Bioinformatics
· Biostatistics
· Business Administration
· Chemical and Environmental Toxicology
· Chemical Engineering
· Civil Engineering
· Classical and Religious Studies
· Communication
· Criminology
· Earth Sciences
· Environmental Sustainability
· Français
· Health Administration
· Health Systems
· Human and Molecular Genetics
· Human Kinetics
· Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
· Internet Technologies
· Leadership and Management
· Linguistics
· Management
· Modelling and Animation for Computer Games Technology
· Modern Languages and Literatures
· Occupational Therapy
· Official Languages and Bilingualism
· Organizational Performance Management
· Pathology and Experimental Medicine
· Philosophy
· Physiotherapy
· Population Heath Risk Assessment and Management
· Rehabilitation Sciences
· Science, Society and Policy
· Scientific Management and Leadership
· Social Work
· Speech-Language Pathology
· Theatre
· Visual Arts