UN Sustainable Development Goals Training


In celebration of Canada 150th, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Youth Training Canada mobilizes 10,000 Canadian youth to advocate and implement the SDGs through 100 local actions and 50 training’s in colleges and universities across Canada in 2017. Interact with UN officials, policymakers, and civil society activists who identified, created, and are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals around the world. You will receive a certificate for the training from the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship. Develop a deeper understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and relate to organizations through which you can be the SDG advocates.

Note: This training event is open to both high school and post-secondary students as well as the community at large.

Why are we doing this? Foundation for Environmental Stewardship is a Canadian registered charity and a UN accredited organization with a mission to empower youth for sustainable development. We are working with UN programs to deliver practical training for youth on advocacy and local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Host: International Development and Global Studies Graduate Student Association

International Development Graduate Student Association (GDVM) offers career development opportunities, social events, and innovative learning opportunities meant to enhance student’s academic experiences and inspire them to become global leaders and partners in the both the international development and Canadian work space.

Schedule TBD.

Registration here.

Statement on the May 29, 2017 budget vote

For the 12th consecutive year, the University of Ottawa Administration has failed students, increasing tuition by up to 15 percent.

For the academic 2017/2018 year, tuition fees will rise an average of 3%, and as high as 15% for International students, for the 12th consecutive year, adopting the maximum allowable by the provincial government. The University of Ottawa administration, under president Jacques Fremont, has slashed faculty budgets, cut research journal subscriptions, increased tuition fees, and yet is reportedly planning on increasing salaries for deans, senior management and executives in the coming year.

After the Board of Governors meeting, Robert Head, University Affairs Commissioner for the GSAÉD, said “Students should not have to have their fees raised to support salary increases for University administrators on the Ontario Sunshine List. Student reliance on food banks is at an all-time high!”

Head added “University policies can force graduate students to remain registered full time after their funding runs out. On top of tuition fees, laboratory fees were increased by almost three percent. Faced with incurring huge debts, and being limited to ten-hour work weeks, many more students will drop out.”

GSAÉD’s Executive maintain that international students cannot afford 15% tuition hikes this year or any year! Students come here to study and then face unpredictable increases year to year, because the province has completely deregulated what universities can charge. It is as though they don’t understand that international students are contributing members to society in Ontario.

Students were present at the Board meeting in large numbers to make their opposition to these hikes known. The Board Chair moved the meeting in camera mid-meeting, evicting students. The three student representatives of the Board of Governors were alone in voting against the budget.

Frost Week 2017

Welcome to the University of Ottawa,

The GSAÉD is your association and to help us get to know you better, we organised a few activities for next week. GSAÉD’s Frost Week is open to all graduate students at the University of Ottawa, and is not restricted to incoming students. The schedule of activities, held in the Grad House and at Café Nostalgica (601 Cumberland), is as follows:

Monday, January 16, 17:00 to 19:00: Networking event, Café Nostalgica
Kick off the week with a networking event. Network with your colleagues or meet new people in other departments. This is also a great opportunity to meet the executive members of the GSAÉD. Ask some questions and find out how to get involved!

Tuesday, January 17, 19:00 to 21:00: Graduate Student Board Game Night, Grad Lounge, 601, Cumberland St, 2nd Floor
Have you heard of a Board Game Café? Come to your Grad student Café and enjoy food, drink, board games and good company. We have a large variety of the best and newest games as well as all the classics.

Wednesday, January 18, 18:00 to 20:00: Trivia Night, Café Nostalgica2017-FrostWeek
The Café and the Grad House will quickly become your second home. People come to study on the second floor, meet for events on the third floor and hang out in the Café. One of the most popular events is the Monthly Trivia Night. Come to the Café for the first Trivia Night of 2017! Make some friends, join a team (or form one with people in your program) and test your trivia knowledge.

Thursday, January 19, 10:00 to 12:00: Graduate studies 101, Grad Lounge, 601, Cumberland St, 2nd Floor
New to graduate studies? This gradtalk will introduce many resources available to the students during their academic journey at the University of Ottawa. We will provide a general review of all you need to know about being a graduate student and how to improve your experience. We are also having a free breakfast together! To register, please send us your name and student number at gradmentors@uOttawa.ca

20:00 to 23:00: Open Mic, Café Nostalgica
Open mic night is space where expression runs free. Join us in sharing music, comedy and spoken word. Hosted by Amanda Lowe!

Looking forward to meet you there!


librarycutsThe University of Ottawa Library is on the chopping block. The University of Ottawa is planning to cut almost two million dollars from the Library collection budget. We can’t let this happen! Tuition fees are going up and the library budgets are going down! Libraries are knowledge banks. Without them, the university is just a bunch of buildings. The University should be investing in the library, not putting it through the guillotine!


March with us to Tabaret Hall to tell the administration that we won’t let them cut our library!

Morisset Terrace, University of Ottawa, Wednesday, November 30 at noon.


Thank you to our allies at APUO, CUPE 2626, APTPUO, SFUO, SSUO, SEIU for their support!

Guided tour of your campus (free, and with prizes to be had!)

Discover its history, the role of French in its development, and numerous campus secrets with Michel Prévost, head archivist of the University.

Thursday, September 29 from 13:30 to 15:00
Tuesday, October 4 from 13:00 to 14:30

Departures take place from Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland, at the foot of the large staircase with iconic columns.

Send an e-mail to equity@gsaed.ca or register at the main office of the GSAÉD, on the second floor of the Grad House.

*This tour takes place in French.

GSAÉD Welcome Week




September 4

Board Games in the Grad Lounge

September 5

Labour Day Walk with CUPE 2626

Carnival, Quidditch, and Water Games on Tabaret Lawn

September 6

Barbecue and Services Fair on RGN Lawn

Food Pairing at Café Nostalgica

September 7

Barbecue, Marc Charron Live, and Dunk Tank at Café Nostalgica

Trivia Night at Café Nostalgica

Live Music at Café Nostalgica

September 8

Open Mic at Café Nostalgica

September 9

Social Justice Fair at University Square

September 16

Grad Party with Carleton GSA at Lago Bar & Grill


There are also Orientation Sessions for new students being held September 6 and 7.

September6Orientation September7Orientation

U-Pass Exemption Information

Although the U-Pass program is universal, meaning that all full-time students studying at uOttawa in Ottawa and Gatineau are charged, there are some cases where you could be exempted. Please note that these are currently the only options for being exempted from the program.

You can download the exemption form from the U-Pass website.

Step 1: Carefully read the exemption options listed
Step 2: Fill in the student information section
Step 3: Indicate which step 1 option you want to be exempted for
Step 4: Indicate which supporting documents you are providing along with your exemption
Step 5: If you picked up a U-Pass this year, return it
Step 6: If submitting in person at the SFUO office, fill in the exemption receipt provided by the receptionist
Step 7: Sign and date form

• Submitting an exemption form does NOT guarantee that your exemption has been approved.
• Allow at least 14 business days for your exemption to be processed.
• Late, retroactive, and/or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
• This is a Fall 2016 exemption; you may be required to fill another exemption for following semesters. Check your uOttawa
statement of account for any charges.
• You may be required to submit additional documentation if necessary.
• Please note that “no proof necessary” does not mean that the exemption does not need to be submitted.

If you are submitting your exemption form electronically, send it to u-pass@gsaed.ca and to u-pass@sfuo.ca

More information on the U-Pass can be found at:

Nominations Ratified

The GSAÉD Board of Directors, at its June 29, 2016 meeting, selected two representatives to the University of Ottawa Senate, for mandates ending May 1, 2017. Representing graduate students in the Humanities is Adam Strombergsson-DeNora and representing graduate students in the Sciences is Jack Yue Heng Xu.

Subsequent to notice of resignation of the Finance Commissioner, Matthew Lafreniere, the GSAÉD Board of Directors selected Antoine Przybylak-Brouillard to take office for the term from August 1, 2016 to May 1, 2017.

The Board of Directors filled vacancies for two positions for students in Canadian Studies and in Epidemiology, Public Health, and Preventive Medicine. Selected were, respectively, Golbon Moltaji and Jesse Elliott.

Summer Kick-Off


Network with your colleagues or meet new people in other departments. This is also a great opportunity to meet the GSAÉD Executive and your department representative. Ask some questions and find out how to get involved in your Association and those of your respective departments.

Come celebrate the arrival of summer with joy and good times. Music, food, and prizes will be the order of the day.

On facebook? Click here to see who is going.

Summer U-Pass

Summer semester U-Pass distribution information is available on the following website: www.u-pass.sfuo.ca

If you believe that you are supposed to be exempted from the pass, you have until May 29 to complete a request for exemption.
We have been informed by the U-Pass Coordinator that no full time COOP students eligible for the U-Pass have been charged the U-Pass fee of 192.90$, but that this technical difficulty does not mean that full-time COOP students will not be able to get the U-Pass.

The problem will be fixed shortly and student accounts will be charged the U-Pass fee of 192.70$ before the starts of the U-Pass distribution and before the summer exemption deadline.

Students will be contacted by e-mail once the issue have been rectified and student accounts have been updated. Do not hesitate to contact Johan Capo-Chichi, U-Pass Coordinator, if you have any questions or concerns.

Please visit www.u-pass.sfuo.ca for all distribution information, exemption qualifications and more information about the U-Pass program.