GSAÉD Election Results

Elected were the following:

Equity Commissioner: Zaynab Fellahi
Finance Commissioner: Hassib Reda Saltani
Internal Commissioner: Fabrice Jean-Baptiste
External Commissioner:
Resources Commissioner: Warsama Ahmed
Student Life Commissioner: Sara Karam
University Affairs Commissioner: Khaled Kchouk

Graduate student representative to the University Board of Governors:

Social work: Mazarine Lainé
Political Science: Guillaume Deschesnes-Thériault
History: Mathieu Laflamme
Economics: Peace Osinike
Mathematics & Statistics: Jane MacDonald
Chemistry: Ryan MacDenell

Mechanical Engineering: Davtej Singh Bhangu
Philosophy: Jerôme Gosselin-Tapp
Biology: Lauren Gallant
Gender and feminist studies: Charlotte Dahin
Criminology: Katarina Bogosavljevic
Psychology: Kheana Barbeau
Sciences: Kevin Kwo
Graduate student representative to the University Senate, for Humanities: Sarah Affany


By Elections Results (to be ratified)

External Commissioner: Maïté Girard English

Epidemiology: Jean-Paul Salameh
Geography, Environment, and Geomatics: Zuzanna Kochanowicz
English: Kelly Korim
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences: Alaa Eddin Alchalabi
Sociological and Anthropological Studies: Matt Zucca
Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences: Samantha Rohe
Engineering management: Mohammad Akhter

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