Student Support Program

We are pleased to announce that the GSAÉD is introducing a new service to graduate students with health & dental coverage through Green Shield Canada effective October 1, 2015; the Student Support Program (SSP), an additional, complimentary benefit for all covered graduate students.

The SSP is completely confidential within the limits of the law. No one will ever know that a student has used the service unless they choose to tell them.

The program provides access to Short-term Professional Counselling for personal and emotional issues. Students can choose from a variety of delivery methods to best suit your comfort level and lifestyle including in-person (off campus), telephonic, e-counselling, instant video, text-based self-paced online chat with a counsellor.

If a student is currently seeing an onsite counsellor through the University, they may continue to see that counsellor as this service will continue to be a part of the overall services provided by the University to students.

Students can call 1 855 649-8641 or visit and sign up using the Organization name “GSAED” for full access to the SSP services and resources.