Statement on the May 29, 2017 budget vote

For the 12th consecutive year, the University of Ottawa Administration has failed students, increasing tuition by up to 15 percent.

For the academic 2017/2018 year, tuition fees will rise an average of 3%, and as high as 15% for International students, for the 12th consecutive year, adopting the maximum allowable by the provincial government. The University of Ottawa administration, under president Jacques Fremont, has slashed faculty budgets, cut research journal subscriptions, increased tuition fees, and yet is reportedly planning on increasing salaries for deans, senior management and executives in the coming year.

After the Board of Governors meeting, Robert Head, University Affairs Commissioner for the GSAÉD, said “Students should not have to have their fees raised to support salary increases for University administrators on the Ontario Sunshine List. Student reliance on food banks is at an all-time high!”

Head added “University policies can force graduate students to remain registered full time after their funding runs out. On top of tuition fees, laboratory fees were increased by almost three percent. Faced with incurring huge debts, and being limited to ten-hour work weeks, many more students will drop out.”

GSAÉD’s Executive maintain that international students cannot afford 15% tuition hikes this year or any year! Students come here to study and then face unpredictable increases year to year, because the province has completely deregulated what universities can charge. It is as though they don’t understand that international students are contributing members to society in Ontario.

Students were present at the Board meeting in large numbers to make their opposition to these hikes known. The Board Chair moved the meeting in camera mid-meeting, evicting students. The three student representatives of the Board of Governors were alone in voting against the budget.