U-Pass Exemption Information

Although the U-Pass program is universal, meaning that all full-time students studying at uOttawa in Ottawa and Gatineau are charged, there are some cases where you could be exempted. Please note that these are currently the only options for being exempted from the program.

You can download the exemption form from the U-Pass website.

Step 1: Carefully read the exemption options listed
Step 2: Fill in the student information section
Step 3: Indicate which step 1 option you want to be exempted for
Step 4: Indicate which supporting documents you are providing along with your exemption
Step 5: If you picked up a U-Pass this year, return it
Step 6: If submitting in person at the SFUO office, fill in the exemption receipt provided by the receptionist
Step 7: Sign and date form

• Submitting an exemption form does NOT guarantee that your exemption has been approved.
• Allow at least 14 business days for your exemption to be processed.
• Late, retroactive, and/or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
• This is a Fall 2016 exemption; you may be required to fill another exemption for following semesters. Check your uOttawa
statement of account for any charges.
• You may be required to submit additional documentation if necessary.
• Please note that “no proof necessary” does not mean that the exemption does not need to be submitted.

If you are submitting your exemption form electronically, send it to u-pass@gsaed.ca and (temporarily) to vp.university@sfuo.ca

More information on the U-Pass can be found at: