The representatives on university decision-making bodies give a voice to graduate students at the University of Ottawa.


Board of Governors

Mark Ingham, until April 30, 2019



Kevin Kwok (Sciences), until April 30, 2018
John Ward (Humanities), until April 30, 2018


Senate Appeals Committee

Mazarine Lainé, until August 31, 2019


Senate Committee on Teaching and Teaching Evaluation

Jack Yue Heng Xu


Standing Committee on Francophone Affairs and Official Languages

Mathieu Laflamme

Raphaëlle Robidoux


Standing Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Violence

Pascasie Minani Passy
Janani Mahendran
Angelina Raghubir
Tara Small


President’s Committee on International Policy

Calla Jeanne Barnett


Advisory Committee of the Ombudsperson



Aboriginal Education Council

Darren Sutherland


Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Radamis Zaky, Faculty of Social Sciences
Saeideh Kheradmand, Faculty of Engineering
Claudia Pricilia Chandra, Telfer School of Management
Haoyu Wu, Faculty of Engineering


Selection Committee for the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

Zoé Boirin


Selection Committee for the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Bensun Fong


Selection Committee for the Vice-President, Research