• Promote post-secondary education that is fully publicly-funded, accessible, and high quality. This means an elimination of tuition fees for all students, both domestic and international, at all levels of post-secondary education.
  • Address further systemic and structural barriers to post-secondary education by improving financial assistance. Some examples would be eliminating interest on student loans, extending OSAP eligibility to part-time and international students, and reallocating tax credits to upfront, needs-based grants.
  • Ensure a high-quality post-secondary education system by improving student-to-faculty ratio, improving access to research facilities and funding for students and professors, supporting safe, equitable, and quality work environments for all campus workers, demand fair, accessible, and timely policies created on principles of collegial governance.
  • Act in solidarity to demand that the federal government recognize its treaty obligations and ensure access to all levels of quality education for Aboriginal peoples. This means, at a minimum, removing the cap on the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) and making it available to all eligible students.



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