Our aim is to:

  • Promote a system of childcare that is publicly funded, universal, and reflects the needs of parents. This means the elimination of user fees for child care, a massive increase of non-profit, regulated child care spaces in all neighborhoods that demand it – especially those with post-secondary institutions.
  • Pragmatically focus on the University of Ottawa providing child care spaces for students, professors and staff most in need, the City of Ottawa increasing their commitment to child care and ensuring graduate students can access subsidized spaces, the province of Ontario in creating a universal child care system similar to that in Quebec, and ultimately on establishing a national, universal child care system in Canada.
  • Defend the fundamental right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere as well as recognize that social stigma, cultural and personal realities, institutional practices, and the threat of harassment make breastfeeding in public unrealistic for many and support the creation of campus breastfeeding rooms that are clean, comfortable, and accessible.

GSAÉD has partnered with working groups across Canada and is calling on provincial and federal governments to rethink how childcare is handled in Ontario and Canada.  For more information on the campaign, see the video below and visit the Rethink Childcare website.



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