We are your Students’ Union and one of our primary objectives and founding principles is to protect you in any and all academic or non-academic issues. If you want to appeal an academic decision that you deem unfair, or if you believe your rights were not respected, you should first attempt to solve the issue at your department’s level. If you do not obtain a resolution or if you would like assistance in those first steps, contact the GSAÉD University Affairs Commissioner who will help you defend your case to the appropriate authorities.

Other resources you may want to consider using are:

Student Rights Centre

The Student Rights Centre is a service of the GSAÉD and the SFUO offered to all students at the University of Ottawa. The Centre offers guidance and support to students who require information on University of Ottawa regulations and practices or who wish to appeal decisions made by the University administration. It also help students who wish to receive more information regarding their human rights on campus or to make a formal or informal complaint in that regard.

Web site for the Student Rights Centre


Serving the entire University community, the Office of the Ombudsperson provides impartial and independent advice and information to help in resolving disputes and solve problems, with complete confidentiality. The office may make recommendations for resolution in individual cases and may also make recommendations for changes to University policies and practices, where appropriate. The Office of the Ombudsperson does not replace existing channels of assistance or appeal at the University.

You may want to contact their office (ombudsperson@uottawa.ca, 613.562.5342, www.uottawa.ca/ombudsperson/ ) when:

  • you believe that you have been treated unfairly, or
  • you are not sure what to do or don’t know where else to turn, or
  • you need information or advice about existing channels of appeal.