The nomination period for GSAÉD elections ran from February 27 at 9:00 to March 10 at 16:00. Voting took place March 20, 21, and 22 in GSD 204 from 8:00 to 18:00 and in DMS, FSS, RGN, CBY, and UCU from 12:00 to 18:00.

GSAÉD election results

Elected were the following:

Equity Commissioner: Zaynab Fellahi
Finance Commissioner: Hassib Reda Salhani
Internal Commissioner: Fabrice Jean-Baptiste
External Commissioner: Maïté Girard English
Resources Commissioner: Warsama Ahmed
Student Life Commissioner: Sara Karam
University Affairs Commissioner: Khaled Kchouk

Graduate student representative to the University Senate, for Humanities: Sarah Affany
Graduate student representative to the University Senate, for Sciences: Kevin Kwok
Graduate student representative to the University Board of Governors: Mark Ingham
Cellular and Molecular Medicine: John Saber
Political Science: Guillaume Deschesnes-Thériault
History: Mathieu Laflamme
Education: Billie Jane Hermosura
International Development: Audrey Bernard
Electrical Engineering and Computing Science: Alaa Eddin Alchalabi
Geography, Environment & Geomatics: Zuzanna Kochanowicz
Economics: Joanne Haddad
Mathematics & Statistics: Jane Shaw MacDonald
Chemistry: Luis Raul Castaneda-Perea
Nursing: Mwali-Nachishali Muray
Bilinguism : Laura Castano Laverde
Women Studies : Charlotte Dahin
Chemical Engineering : Dean Kennedy
Religious Studies: Geoff Seymour
Information Studies : Geneviève Compain-Frigon
Philosophy : Jérôme Gosselin-Tapp
Epidemiology : Jean-Paul Salameh
Indigenous students’ representative: John Ward
Psychology : Kheana Barbeau-Julien
Biology : Kevin Kwok
Geology : Seungmin Lee
Law : Monim Benessa
Social services : Mazarine Lainé
Communication : Maxime Lê
Music : Matthew Shepherd
Anthropology : Matthew Zucca
Public Administration : Sarah Affany
Health administration : Pui Yan Choy
Biochemistry : Sara El-Sahli
Human Kinetics : Shuhiba Mohammad
Sociology: Ifeoma Nnagbo
Physics: Joshua Stuart Johannes Baxter
Criminology: Katarina Bogosavljevic


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