The Governance Coordinator’s mandate is to preserve the administrative integrity of the GSAÉDwhile ensuring communication between the Executive Committee, the Committees of the GSAÉD and the Departmental Associations. The Governance Commissioner will also oversee the public communications of the GSAÉD and represent it on issues external to the University. In particular they shall:

  • maintain relations withnational or provincial students’ associations;
  • keep the Board apprisedofexternal issues affecting the Members of the GSAÉD;
  • be responsible for calling meetingsof the Executive Committee prior to any Members’ meetingor Board meeting;
  • be responsible for calling meetings of the Board that are requested pursuant to Section 7.2(a)(i) and meetings of the Executive Committee;
  • establish the schedule for regular Board and Members’meetings, subject to approval in accordance with these by-laws;
  • ensure that proper minutes are kept at meetings of the Executive Committee, Board and Members;
  • assist the chair inadministering the GSAÉD’srelationship with Departmental Associations;
  • assist the graduate students, in a Department where no Departmental Association exists or where one is inactive, to create an active Departmental Association;
  • chair the By-Laws and Policy Committee;and
  • participate on the Oversight and Advisorycommittee.

Marc Biglary

The Student Life and Equity Commissioner’s mandate is to organize student life events and services for the graduate student community and to work towards breaking down barriers to full participation in student life and addressing discrimination on campus. In particular they shall:

  • be responsible for ensuring Members receive adequate service at the service centers maintained by the University of Ottawa Students’ Union, which include, but may not be limited to, the Womxn’s Resource Centre, Pride Center, International House, Centre forStudent with Disabilities, Student Right Centre, Food Bank, Peer Help Centre, Foot Patrol and Bilingualism Centre;
  • implement and oversee all GSAÉD campaigns, including thoserelated toequity issuesandnational or provincial students’ associations;(iii)be responsible for media relations for the GSAÉD;
  • amplify marginalized voices, and eliminate barriers on campus in consultation with the concerned groups;
  • developprogrammes and methods of support for students from the Black, Indigenous and peopleof colorcommunityon campus;
  • maintain contact with the University of Ottawa’s Indigenous Resources Centre, Ombudsperson, and Office for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment as well as the Inter union groups and any other campus community committee where graduate student representation is required;
  • chair the Campaignscommittee;(viii)assist the University Affairs Commissioner in regard to all academic affairs or student rights matters;
  • ensure the bilingualism of all official GSAÉD documents and communications;
  • and oversee official promotions of the GSAÉD, including but not limited to posters, pamphlets, and the official GSAÉD website and online newsletter.
Christina Charles

The University Affairs Commissioner’s mandate is to advocate for graduate student rights and academic interests inside the University. In particular, they shall:

  • represent the GSAÉD in regard to all academic and student rights matters within the University;
  • ensure representation of graduate student interests and concerns with academic and administrative decision-making bodies of the University;
  • oversee the organization and promotion of GSAÉD-sponsored academic events for graduate students, including but not limited to the Interdisciplinary Conference;
  • assist or represent any Member with an academic or student rights case who requests assistance or representation, subject to the policies of the University;(v)manage communication between the GSAÉD and graduate student representatives on committees of the University;
  • manage communication between the GSAÉD and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, as well as other student associations and labor unions inside the University;
  • chair the University Affairs Committee.
Gishleine Oukouomi Djouonang