Please follow the steps outlined below to apply for an APF grant. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you participate in conferences as a graduate student, you may be eligible for a GSAÉD Academic Project Fund. Note that course-related activities are not eligible. Please note that the expense limit is set at $100 per day, for a maximum of four days. The Academic Project Fund covers accommodation expenses primarily, but may cover meal costs if the expense limit is not reached. We do not cover travel expenses.
Application process for the APF grants: BEFORE the project, speak to your thesis supervisor. Your academic unit is required to contribute a reasonable amount to the trip (at least $100);
AFTER the project, apply for GSAÉD’s academic projects fund. 
How to apply for the GSAÉD APF
Click here to download the application formOnly one APF application is permitted for Master’s-level students, and only two applications are permitted for doctoral-level students. Only registered students may apply.
Read the Supporting documents checklist located below.
Download, complete and print the APF application form (if you are unable to fill the application form on your computer, please print it and fill it out by hand). Important: 1- Note that some sections of the form are protected, and therefore cannot be modified. 2- If the file opens in read-only format and you are unable to fill the form, please save the file under a different name and re-open it.
IMPORTANT: You have to write your name in the exact way in which it is registered at the University of Ottawa. Look for your name on the U of O directory when in doubt.
Bring to the GSAÉD reception, second floor of the Grad House (601 Cumberland) the form along with your supporting documents (see checklist below). Identify your documents with your student number. This will be used to track your application. Please make sure to include all the necessary documents with your application, otherwise it will not be processed.
Financial contributions are provided by cheque. If you require the cheque to be mailed to you, please include a self-addressed envelope with a stamp along with your supporting documents. Otherwise, APF cheques will be available for pick up at the GSAÉD reception, second floor of the Grad House (601 Cumberland).
Supporting documents checklistPLEASE NOTE: No refund will be issued without receipts. Please write your student number on all povided documents.The application form, filled out and printed.

A signed personal letter stating various sources of funding including the location of the academic project.

A signed letter from your department and/or supervisor stating departmental contribution (at least $100).

If you were refused, provide GSAÉD with the refusal letter. If you are ineligible, please mention it in your personal letter (see point 2).

A proof of your academic project. For conferences presentations, this may include an official pamphlet – or page of pamphlet – with your name underlined or highlighted. If you are attending a conference, you must provide a proof of attendance (e.g. registration receipt). For any other type of academic project, a letter from your supervisor (or professor) stating the relevancy of the project must be submitted. These documents must include the number of nights you will be outside Ottawa for the purpose of the academic project.

Receipts or photocopies of receipts proving your expenses incurred during your academic project (e.g. accommodation receipts, meals receipts, etc. – please note that alcohol will not be reimbursed). Note that the expense limit is set at $100 per day, for a maximum of four days.

A copy – both sides – of your University of Ottawa student ID.

Deadlines for individual APF application

November 1 – for academic projects done between August 1 and October 31
February 1 – for academic projects done between November 1 and January 31
May 1 – for academic projects done between February 1 and April 30
August 1 – for academic projects done between May 1 and July 31