The regular nomination period for the GASÉD General Election has ended.
However, some departments do not have a candidate. That being said, if your department is not represented among the candidates list below, you can still submit your candidacy to the Chief Returning Officer at the following email to ask for a nomination form:
You have until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 27th to submit the form.
Here are the confirmed candidates for every position for the General Election that will be held electronically from the 1st to the 3rd of April. Make sure to stay informed by looking at the candidate’s information that will be posted on
External Commissioner
– Maïté Girard English
Finance Commissioner
– Hassib Salhani
– Guillaume Deschênes-Thériault
Internal Commissioner
– Fabrice Jean-Baptiste
Student Life Commissioner
– Sara Karam
University Affairs Commissioner
– Khaled Kchouk
Equity Commissioner
– Zaynab Fellahi
– Stéphanie Bacher
Resources Commissioner
– Warsama Ahmed
Humanities Representative to the University Senate
– Sara Chung
– Georgette Morris
Sciences Representative to the University Senate
– Kevin Kwok
University of Ottawa Board of Governors Graduate Student Representative
– Mark Ingham
Departmental representative to the GSAÉD Board of Directors
Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences – Samantha Rohe
Political Studies – Michael Wigginton
Cellular Molecular Medicine – John Saber
Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology – Sara El-Sahli
Biology – Amber Dyck
Chemical and Biological Engineering – Vedashri Patil
Electrical and Computer Engineering – Alaa Eddin Alchalabi
Engineering Management – Niranjan Kulkarni
Electronic Business Technologies – Tarun Manchanda
Earth and Environmental Science – Timothy Christian Roy
Philosophy – Jérôme Gosselin-Tapp
Studies in Law – Vinicius Alves Barreto da Silva
Health Sciences – Laura Crich
Sociology and Anthropology – Dale Kajuka



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