Check out GSAÉD’s exciting scholarship opportunities for grad students!

The GSAÉD Inclusive Research Scholarship

We would like to introduce to our members the GSAED Inclusive Research Scholarship.

The GSAED has developed a scholarship that aims to assist certain groups of students who are likely to be underfunded, as well as to support students working on research topics that are prone to underfunding.

We are aware that graduate students depend on their bursaries to succeed in their studies and that their mental health and academic performance are affected by the search for long-term funding. For these reasons, GSAED would like to offer up to $ 2,000 in total scholarships throughout the year to try to fill gaps in university and government underfunding.

Each semester (fall and winter only), two (2) graduate students will receive one (1) Inclusive Research Scholarship worth $ 500 each. A different theme will be chosen each semester by the Campaign Committee to allow more graduates to have a chance to win and to cover as many research topics as possible that may be prone to underfunding.

The theme of the scholarship for the 2020 fall semester concerns visible or invisible disabilities, including (physical and/or mental). If you identify yourself and/or work on a related topic, you have until December 1st, 2020 8pm to submit a short essay of 500 to 1000 words.

For more information on the selection criteria, please consult this document , or email your Equity Commissioner at

Once complete, you can submit your application to :

** Students who self-identify as having a visible or invisible disability and whose research also focuses on disability will be given priority