About Us

The Graduate Student’s Association des étudiant.es diplômé.es (GSAÉD) has represented graduate students at the University of Ottawa since 1989. As a full-time or part-time graduate student, you are one of the members that comprise GSAÉD, Local 94 of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).

GSAÉD’s mission is to: represent, promote and defend the common interests of its members; promote and support the interest and activities of graduate student associations in all departments and faculties; bring together its members to discuss and take democratic positions on issues affecting them; and represent its members at the administrative level of decision-making. We also enrich our members’ graduate experience with many social and cultural activities.

Mental Health

Mental health problems should not be taboo. Find out about the resources that GSAÉD offers.


Find out about the health and dental insurance plan offered to graduate students.


To ensure a democratic process, the constituent documents of your student association are available online

Volunteer with us

Do you want to get involve with us as a volunteer? Discover how you can receive an official certificate from the Michaëlle-Jean Centre for global and community engagement for your efforts.

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