The GSAÉD provides a variety of services to its graduate student membership and supports many different campaigns on a local, provincial, and national level. To ensure effective services and modes of support, the Association relies on the hard work and dedication of our many volunteers. To recognize our volunteers and support the time and effort they put in, the GSAÉD has launched the volunteer page! Here you will be able to find information on the different committees of the Association, contact information, our Co-Curricular Record account and how to sign up, and upcoming volunteer appreciation events!

Our Committees
The GSAÉD committees are the foundation of the range of work that the association is able to accomplish each year. Each committee has its own roles and responsibilities and function as a team to set meeting times and action plans for Association projects. The number of hours that volunteers are expected to complete is based on the needs of the committee and the availability of the volunteer. The GSAÉD is always looking for new volunteers! If you are interested in any of the following committees, please contact the appropriate commissioner.

Committees of the University Affairs Commissioner,

University Affairs Committee
The purpose of the University Affairs Committee is to promote the academic interests of members of the Association and to undertake the development, implementation and maintenance of those academic initiatives of the Association, such as the Writing Consultation Program.

Committees of the Internal Commissioner,

By-laws and Constitution Committee
The purpose of the By-Laws and Constitution Committee is to act as advisory body of the Association on all issues pertaining to the internal regulations of the Association.

Committees of the External Commissioner,

Student Issues Action Committee
The purpose of the Student Issues Action Committee is to promote the political interests of members of the Association and to undertake the development, implementation and maintenance of all local campaign initiatives (research, public awareness, lobbying and mobilisation) of the Association and national or provincial students’ associations.

Board of Governors Coalition
Its purpose is to be able to positively influence the Board of Governors and as a result, improve the overall student experience at the University of Ottawa. The BoGC’s goals include reducing student fees, gaining more positions for student representatives on the BoG, and working towards creating a more democratic process for decision making within the BoG.

Committees of the Student Life Commissioner,

Social Committee
The purpose of the Social Committee is to oversee the social events programming of the Association.

Café Nostalgica Committee
The purpose of the Café Nostalgica Committee is to act in a management advisory capacity for the Café.

Committee of the Finance Commissioner,

Capital Building Fund Committee
The purpose of the Capital Building Fund Committee is to oversee the management of the Capital Building Fund of the Association.

Co-Curricular Record
Information coming soon.

Volunteer Appreciation Night
December 9, the GSAÉD is holding an invitation-only volunteer appreciation event for all of our amazing volunteers! Join us for an evening of savoury drinks and treats with good company and have all your hard work recognized! The event will be taking place at Café Nostalgica from 18:00 to 20:30.

GSAÉD Volunteer Awards

The GSAÉD Council created volunteer awards to recognize the exceptional involvement of its members in activities, initiatives, or campaigns of GSAÉD and departmental associations.

The Deadline for the application will be announced shortly. For more information, please contact Winners will be announced at the Annual General Assembly.



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